D-Sound Fisherman

The D-Sound Fisherman is a compact distortion pedal with a "British-style" character. This is a powerful, saturated distortion with excellent dynamics like  a tube amplifier. Flexible gain adjustment allows Fisherman to be used for crunch and high-gain tone. In addition, inside the pedal there is a trimmer, which is responsible for the level of the general overdrive.

Fisherman has six knobs that give you full control over the sound: Bass, Treble, Presence, Volume, Gain and Tight. Especially worth noting is the Presence knob, which is a useful addition to adjust the high frequencies, and the Tight knob, which is responsible for the shape of the low frequencies. The Tight control in minimum positions changes the low frequencies in such a way that the sound becomes slightly fuzzy. And when you turn this knob to the right makes the sound dense.

The pedal can be powered not only from 9, but from 18 volts, if you want more headroom.

Price $120.

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